After seeing the challenges tax payers and small business owners faced with finding a tax or accounting professional best suited for their individual needs, Lead Accountant, LLC was created to help alleviate those challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use your service instead of a search engine?

A search engine will provide you with a list of professionals, however you’ll still need to narrow the search to the specific attributes you desire, i.e. construction experience or estate tax. Additionally, clients searching for a CPA or accountant usually are not experts in tax or accounting and value the input of an accounting expert to help identify the experience they need.

How does your service work?

Clients searching for tax and accounting professionals contact us to help them identify a CPA, EA, or bookkeeper that is able to advise on their specific issue or industry. We then provide the client’s information to the professionals for them to follow-up with the client.

How much does your service cost?

Generally, professional referrals are free. If a client requests services beyond a referral, then the client would pay a fee. For example, if a client would like help interviewing CPAs, then the client will pay for that service.


We are a woman owned small business operating out of Littleton, Colorado.

Cindy Russ, CPA

Managing Director

As a small business owner with over 16 years of experience in accounting and related fields, I have a passion for helping people navigate the challenges of federal regulation and accounting standards.

We look forward to working with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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